Let me tell you something...

I was supposed to be a B.S. Medical Technology student. I was quite sure of it since the start of my senior year, and until the entrance exams. Heck, I didn't even include Architecture or any degree program related to arts in my choices back then.

But then I started having doubts. After the main exam, those who had Architecture or Fine Arts listed in their choices were called for an additional test. And I regretfully didn't take it. I was cursing myself then for not switching when we were given the last chance.

So I let it pass and was able to accept B.S. Med. Tech. as my pre-medicine course - because that was what I think I wanted, and my parents, too. However, as time passed... I realized I liked Architecture more, or something related to my strengths - the arts. I couldn't imagine myself clad in that white uniform. I decided to switch, made a letter of request and submitted it to the Office for Admissions. My mother even hesitated to sign the letter because she didn't want me to take up Architecture, but eventually she accepted the fact.

I finally was able to enroll into the College... But now I can't help but get attracted to DLSU-CSB's Multimedia Arts degree program. It seemed really... promising. Or something. Now I don't really know what I want to do. Maybe I should transfer if Architecture doesn't work out? LOL.

Crap. I should do something with this damn indecisiveness.

On a side note, let me present to you... The most famous icon in Ragnarok Online!!!!1


Oh noes.


The Mandatory(?) Introduction

Hello, my name is Johnine (you probably know how to pronounce my name so I won't bother explaining) also called Waffles by Waffles, J9 by my friends and classmates, I am a bored person and I'm here to share the randomness within me. Writing is not my forte, but I know little about grammar and stuff to make my posts not that of an eyesore (I hope). Anyway, I hope to write more of my experiences and random musings to share with other people, so I'll make myself at home in this little web space I made.

It has been long since I planned on establishing a blog, but due to utter procrastination, I've only come up with it now - with a half-assed blog address to boot. Well, naming a blog with a letter and four same numbers isn't that bad, I guess. I made it easy for myself and for everyone else to type my address for the sake of laziness.

Actually, I created an account a few days ago but I wasn't able to start posting because of pRO and I was too busy tampering with the Thisaway theme, which explains my blog's appearance right now. I spent a few hours playing with the codes and I finally am a little satisfied with it right now to start posting this introduction.

So... Mandatory or not this post may be, there it goes.

And I don't like blue.